The Origin, and advantages, of Rubia Gallega Beef

If you are a fan of beef, you will be more so after you have tasted steak from Rubia Gallega beef. The Rubia Gallega is a breed of cattle native from Spain, well known for its quality meat production.

The culinary business is always interesting because the demand never stops, and the market is wide open. One of the most promising gastronomic trends is Western food. Various foods from the West, especially Europe, are known to the Indonesian people. So don’t be surprised if the demand for beef, especially high quality beef, only increases. Beef is one of the raw materials in Western menus. You need to understand that each type of beef has a different quality of meat. Therefore, if you plan to open a hospitality business or food retail (supermarkets and hypermarkets), you must be able to determine types of superior cattle breeds.

Getting to Know the Origin of the Rubia Gallega Beef

These superior breeds are also known as Galician Blond. The name derives from the cattle’s original population in Galicia, an autonomous region in north-western Spain. Furthermore, Rubia Gallega or Galician Blond is distributed particularly throughout the territory of Galicia. This type is a multi-purpose livestock, bred for meat and milk. Historically, in 1933, the Shepherd’s Book was founded. Several breeds were developed throughout the 20th century, including the Portuguese Barros, Swiss Braunvieh, British Shorthorn, and Simmental.

In 1974, the Selected Galician Blond Cattle Breeders Association, ACRUGA, was formed. It numbers more than 4,000 cattle farmers from all over Galicia. Since the founding of the association, the development of Rubia Gallega has been increasingly promoted. Several efforts have been made for the development of Galician Blond breeding since the founding of the association, by increasing the monitoring of work and selection of cattle breeds. In addition, increasing control of offspring (breeding control), and even establishing a modern, advanced genetic center in Spain. Genetic evaluation is also carried out in collaboration with the University of Zaragoza. The development process, over more than 40 years, has led to positive results, with Galician Blond the most advanced and superior quality breed. Given this, Rubia Gallega beef ought to be considered for your hospitality or food retail business.

Advantages of the Rubia Gallega Beef

Currently, the Galician Blond breed is mostly used to produce meat, although it is also good for milk. This type of livestock is considered the best quality cattle. There are clear advantages to Galician Blond

  1. Easy Calving
    One of the special characteristics of the Galician Blond is its ease of delivery. The percentage of normal births is 95% and only a few calves require special assistance. The fertility rate reaches 92%.
  2. Height / Weight Gain
    Another feature of this breed of cattle is the rapid increase in body weight. Galician Blond breeds can weigh up to 300 kg. This figure is much higher than the average weight of cattle breeds in Indonesia, which is 110 kg. In the span of 12 months, a typical animal’s weight can reach 600 kg.
  3. Double Muscle Phenotype
    Double muscle often occurs in this type of livestock. Thus, it results in greater development.
  4. International Meat Quality
    A key characteristic of the Galician Blond breed is the high-quality meat, which is recognized internationally.

These are the origins, and development of the Rubia Gallega cattle, a breed known for its superior quality and relatively easy care.

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