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Imported Beef

A collection of high-quality imported beef sourced from different parts of the world.

Premium Rubia Gallega

The most famous and preferred beef from Spain. Rubia Galega provides the premium taste of Spanish Beef.

Local Chilled Beef Galesia

A combination of Indonesia & Spain, Galesia gives you the first taste of high-quality Indonesian & Spanish fusion beef.

Providing Quality Protein

Indogal is in the business of making Indonesia a healthier society. We provide a high- quality imported and locally sourced protein supply to the Indonesian market. Our contribution to nourishing a healthier society includes efforts in our other lines of business such as our Galician blond cattle and breeding consultancy

This is our motto, representing our strategic commitment to our clients. Quality, high product range and on time delivery are the main values of our operations.

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Delivering Excellent Quality Protein

World’s first company to open the export of beef from European countries to Indonesia. Helping Indonesian society through diversification of the meat supply, animal health and nutrition, technologies, genetics, commodities trading and cattle farming consultancy.