Greetings End Year 2022 – PT. Indogal Agro Trading

(Manuel Albores Cabo – CEO of PT. Indogal Agro Trading)

Dear Fellow Executives, Employees, and Colleagues,

The past month has been one of the more challenging in our history. The global crisis put new imperatives on us as professionals and as a company to ensure that we not only survived, but also pursued and won new markets, improved our operations, delivered on targets, and continued our pursuit of excellence.
It is not enough, however, to express confidence in achieving our targets.  The measure of our achievement is based on the dedication, the expertise, the commitment, and the strength from all of us who steer INDOGAL’s ship daily.

And at this time of Christmas, there is no better time to reflect on this dedication and commitment.  Some of you are the first in and last out at your offices on most days.  Some of you go to your workplace on the weekends to ensure that you can deliver on time and on target.  Some of you do more than is required and go much further than is expected.  At times, your dedication is at the expense of your own time, with family, friends and loved ones.

Don’t for a moment think it goes unnoticed.  Without such dedication, Indogal would not be where it is today.  I appreciate and praise your dedication and in this season of Christmas, send you and your family my heartfelt gratitude and best wishes.

As you enjoy the festivities with friends and family, as you give and receive presents, as you gather to celebrate, please accept my best wishes to you all and your families for a safe and enjoyable Christmas and a very Happy New Year.