Townhall Meeting & Iftar PT. Indogal Agro Trading

Exactly on yesterday Friday, April 22, 2022, PT. Indogal Agro Trading held a Townhall Meeting which was followed with Iftar with all the employees at Lorin Hotel Sentul, Bogor.


The Townhall Meeting for Q2 PT. Indogal Agro Trading officially started at 15:30 West Indonesian Time (WIB) by an opening speech by Vera Sartika as HR Staff. The event continued with presentation from each management. The first management to present the strategic plan for this year Q2 was Mr. Manuel Albores as CEO of PT. Indogal Agro Trading and continued by Mr. Budi Handojo as CSO, Mr. Willy Saputra as CMO, Mr. Alisan Jaya as COO, Mr. Irzan H. Pulungan as CFO, Mr. Bertha Aprilianto as CLSO and lastly, Mr. Mervin Siahaan as CHRO.


After each management done with their presentation for Q2, the event continued with a prayer led by Kyai Haji Pepen Ruspendi and then followed by iftar with all the PT. Indogal Agro Trading employees. In this iftar event, PT. Indogal Agro Trading also invited several oprhans from Leuwinutug Village.

After iftar, the event continued with giving appreciation and suggestion for the company from the employees which then responded by the management. Apprection and suggestion for the company are anonymous so the employees can provide suggestions and appreciation more freely.


Exactly on 19.30 West Indonesian Time (WIB), the Townhall Meeting for Q2 and Iftar with all the PT. Indogal Agro Trading employees is over. The last event was taking pictures together with all the employees of PT. Indogal Agro Trading.