How to Choose Imported Beef Distributor for Horeca Business

In order for your Horeca (hospitality, restaurant, and cafe) business to run smoothly, make sure to choose the best imported beef distributor. The Horeca business, aka hotels, restaurants, and cafes, is growing exponentially in Indonesia. Tourism is one of the mainstay sectors increasing national income. The number of tourists, both foreign and domestic, continues to increase from year to year. The arrival of tourists must of course be met with adequate infrastructure, including hotels, restaurants and cafes.

In addition to tourists, the Horeca business is being utilized by the community in general. To elevate your Horeca business, you should make sure to use quality ingredients, including meat, when presenting a menu to customers.

Tips for Choosing an Imported Beef Distributor

Imported beef is often used to serve various signature dishes in restaurants and cafes. Give satisfaction to your customers with the best meat dishes. Here’s how to choose a reliable imported beef supplier.

  1. Prioritize Meat Quality
    The first thing when choosing a distributor is to assess the quality of the meat. Quality beef will determine the accolades of the menu presented to the customer. Look for distributors who have high quality products, such as Indogal, established in 2014, which has been the exclusive agent for imported Spanish halal beef in the Indonesian market. The characteristics of quality beef include having a dense and chewy texture, a fresh smell (not rancid), and a fresh red color, and that it is not watery
  2. Pay attention to the grade of the meat
    The next tip is to pay attention to the grade of available imported beef. There are several levels or grades, with different qualities. To provide maximum service for hotel and restaurant customers, make sure to choose premium quality beef. However, if your target customer is the lower middle class, there is no harm in choosing a more modest grade. Large distributors usually provide several grade options to meet various levels of needs. Indogal, as a large distributor, also provides beef of various grades and from various countries of origin, both locally, and from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and especially Spain.
  3. Compare Catalogues from Multiple Distributors
    One easy way to choose the best imported beef distributor is to assess their catalogue, which will provide essential information about the products they provide, including information on the list of meat provided, country of origin before it was imported, and quality certification. Source the catalogues of several providers then compare. This method allows you to find a supplier who can truly meet your Horeca business needs. Try to choose a distributor with complete products according to your needs so you don’t have to look for other distributors. You can get the Indogal product catalogue as a trusted beef distributor in Indonesia by contacting our team at
  4. Pay Attention to Customer Service
    One of the important aspects in choosing an imported beef provider is the quality of its customer service. Beyond products, the credibility of a distributor company is further determined by how they serve their customers, their responsiveness in answering phone calls, conformity with orders, and contact of customers regarding the availability of ordered products. Delivery speed is a further crucial element of customer service

    Imported beef distributors with good reputations are usually also able to explain their products to customers contacting them for the first time. In addition, it also provides recommendations for types of meat and cuts based on needs. Providing guarantees shows the distributor’s commitment to satisfying customers. The maximum quality of customer service from distributors aids the development of your Horeca business.

  5. Pay attention to the added value you have
    When establishing a partnership with a supplier, there are many things to consider. It’s not just about the products and prices offered. Pay attention to what added value you can get. For example, after sales service, providing various attractive offers, or even free products. This shows the company prioritizes you as a customer.

Indogal is a distributor of imported Spanish beef with high quality and halal standardization to meet the needs of your hospitality or food retail business. In addition to imported beef, Indogal provides superior cattle breeds, nutrition and fodder, cattle projects, agricultural commodities, and other types of imported meat, namely pork and buffalo. If you need information about partnering with Indogal, please contact us here.