Get to know Indogal, a Quality Local and Imported Beef Brand

There are various brands of imported beef in the Indonesian market. Each brand certainly has different characteristics, both in terms of the type and quality of the meat. Imported beef is served as steak, burger patties, and used in numerous Western dishes. Demand for imported beef generally comes from hotels, restaurants, and cafes (Horeca business).

If you have a hotel, restaurant, or cafe business, then the selection of quality meat should be your top priority, to satisfy customers, and ensure they are willing to return. Customer satisfaction will of course support the development of your business. Therefore, you must be smart in choosing a provider or supplier of imported or local beef.

Indogal, the Best Choice for Premium Beef Brands

The availability of beef in Indonesia is sometimes still below demand. Import activities are still needed to meet this shortfall. Indogal, as a trusted brand, certainly prioritizes quality. Established in 2014, our company is committed to providing integrated protein products for the people of Indonesia. We are on a mission to make it easy to access sources of high nutritional protein at the best prices.

Indogal is an exclusive distributor brand that provides imported Spanish beef products. The quality of the imported Spanish beef is recognized internationally. In addition to imported cattle products, the Indogal brand also provides local cattle products of high quality. You can customize requests based on the needs of restaurants and your other businesses.

Indogal is focused on wholesale trade to meet demand on a large scale, encompassing hospitality businesses (hotels, restaurants, and cafes), retail (supermarkets, hypermarkets, and wet markets), food services, and processed meat factories. Of course, Indogal beef products have halal certification from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI).

In accordance with Galician tradition, the origin of the Spanish Galician Blond cattle, there are two types of meat, veal and beef.

  1. Veal
    Veal is a category for a calf that was slaughtered when it was 10 months old and weighed more than 450 kg. The Indogal brand sells Gold Veal and Silver Veal products.
  2. Beef
    Cows that are more than 10 months old when slaughtered are included in the classification of beef (beef). The Indogal brand sells Golden Beef, Silver Beef, and Bronze Beef products.

Why Should You Choose Indogal: the Best Imported Beef Brand?

Before choosing a particular beef distributor, you certainly need to think about various factors.

  1. Quality Imported and Local Beef
    Quality is our main priority in providing protein needs in the form of beef and veal for the community. Both our imported and locally produced meat products are guaranteed high quality.
  2. Beef Labelling System
    A little research into our products will assuage any doubts. Indogal has a labelling system that allows consumers to find information about the origin of the farm, type of seed, the location of the slaughterhouse, the date of slaughter, and the age of the slaughter. Consumers can research this information easily and independently.
  3. Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Halal Certification
    The Indogal brand only distributes beef and veal products from suppliers approved by the Director General of Livestock and Animal Health (Dirjen Peternakan dan Kesehatan Hewan) and Indonesian Ulema Council (LPPOM MUI). Indogal beef and veal are safe for consumption because they are recognized as halal.

After learning about the quality of the products, you don’t need to hesitate about Indogal as your supplier. Our high-quality beef products are primed to support the growth of your business.

Indogal is a distributor of imported Spanish beef with high quality and halal standardization to meet the needs of your hospitality or food retail business. In addition to imported beef, Indogal provides superior cattle breeds, nutrition and fodder, cattle projects, agricultural commodities, and other types of imported meat, namely pork and buffalo. If you need information about partnering with Indogal, please contact us here.